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Justine Dreger: Hair Stylist, Extensionist Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Mom

An Edmonton-based entrepreneur, Justine Dreger, has been one of the beauticians paving the way in hair and makeup artistry since 2005. Today, Justine owns one of Edmonton’s celebrated and iconic hair studios with her fellow hair school mate turned bff: Studio Mi! More recently, Justine has expanded her business and has created her own line of hair extensions, hot tools, and even spends half of her year in sunny Sayulita, Mexico catering the wedding destination hair needs .

You’ve had quite the year this year with so many businesses on the go! Tell me more about how you got into hair and beauty?

I got into hair and beauty because I thought it’d be a fun and easy industry to be in. But soon after entering the industry, I first opened my first salon. That’s when I realized I loved the business side of the industry even more. This is why I decided to grow more within the beauty industry in a vast way.

Being a hairstylist, makeup artist and entrepreneur to a new startup and full time mom, one can imagine that life may be extra hectic. How do you balance it all and take time for yourself?

Time for myself is nonexistent! It definitely takes a village to do everything for sure *laughs* But my family has been super supportive and helped with my home life. Also having [my business partners] Kim and Jenn makes it possible for me to be in Mexico half of the time.

Congrats on the newly launched biz, LUX Hair! What inspired it and how does your product differ from other hair extensions in the market?

I was seeking really high quality hair extensions. I find most other extensions companies, really cater to only one or two types of ethnicities, but ours really cater to everyone’s needs. I wanted high quality for every type of hair..= I specialize in wefts installs with mostly straight hair, but we offer a whole range types from Russian to African hair. Straight to many different curl patterns.

You want your hair to match texture! This is super important because not having the same type of extension to match your natural hair will not blend...which is obviously super embarrassing and no one wants that! *laughs*

Justine Beyond Jane Lux Hair Club

I love the romantic and clean vibe for this brand. It’s quite the departure from your typical edgy and raw esthetic. What were you inspired from creatively that shaped the esthetic and brand for LUX Hair?

All the models that we used in the shoot were my clients. My “beyond babes”. Everyone had their own unique style and look so we wanted to show diversity in the type of hair extensions that we had to really showcase both the individual beauty of each client and the uniqueness of the hair extensions as well without having to put too much styling into it. I wanted the hair to stand in their own right. My look is obviously a little more edgy but sometimes it’s nice to show a softer side too!

Tell Me More About Your New Hot Tools!!

The Hot Tools are actually inspired by the Lux Hair Extensions. I find that a lot of the time clients go home with hair extensions and they have a really hard time styling it. So the “Beach Waver” tool specifically makes it easy for someone wearing extensions to get a nice look without too much effort.

In addition to the Beach Waver, in the spring, we’re going to have some new products launching that will all be limited edition and be super high quality. With Amazon and mass production products on the market, quality control is so important for Lux Hair.

And last but not least...

Being a Lashocracy Brand Rep, what do you love most about Lashocracy’s Self Adhesive Lashes?

I love how easy the application is and the quality. Plus supporting my local boss babe!

Justine Dredger Beyond Jane Beauty Edmonton

Follow Justine’s beauty adventures and more over at Beyond.Jane.Beauty.

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