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Welcome to Lashocracy Glueless Lashes

Hi friends! 

My name is Tammy Ma and I’m the creator of Lashocracy Glueless Lashes. I realise there are an incredible number of lashes already out there, so you’re probably thinking, Really? Another lash product?! But I promise, these lashes are really different from other lashes!

Having been unblessed with short, wimpy lashes, I’ve always been interested in false lashes. This interest sparked me into becoming a career lash artist and later opening up my own lash studio. I loved lash extensions and lash lifts, but being someone who: 

  1. Doesn’t wear eye makeup everyday -- meant I wore my extensions usually very natural looking and short 
  2. Despite being able to expertly be able to apply extensions on other people but completely useless at applying traditional glue-on strip lashes on myself
  3. Has crazy mono lidded eyes -- meant magnetic lashes and adhesive liner lashes weren’t strong enough bond, and the edges would lift off throughout the day (one magnetic eyelash also flew off into the wind) 
  4. Wears eyelash extensions most of the time 

Also, I love the idea of being able to wear more dramatic lashes to special occasions where my makeup would be heavier and more dramatic--without damaging my existing lash extensions of course. 

I’ve pretty much tried every type of strip lash that’s out there but none of them really fit for me because of all these reasons. That’s how I came to develop the Lashocracy line of lashes. They encapsulate all the things that most women are looking for in temporary false lashes: 

  • No messy lash glue 
  • No adhesive eyeliner or magnetic eyeliner -- in fact, eyeliner is completely optional
  • No chunky magnets that either don’t work well enough, or stick on too well and hurt upon removal! 
  • Eyelash Extension-friendly
  • Re-Wearable (tackiness lasts up to 5-6 wears)* 
  • Vegan-friendly - all our lashes are faux mink, made of high quality synthetic materials to mimic the look and feel of real natural fibers 

    *Once the lash band is no longer sticky, you can save these lashes for wear with lash glue and adhesive liner for wear up to a month if you wish!*

    We offer 8 different styles that range from Natural, Full and Wispy, to an even longer and more voluminous Dramatic line. 

    Pretty Little Thing // Natural

    Sugarcoated // Natural

    Kiss My Lash // Full and Wispy

    Dreaming in Blush // Full and Wispy

    Angel Face, Devil Thoughts // Full and Wispy 

    Wisp Me Away // Full and Wispy 

    Not Your Wifey // Dramatic 

    Feelin' Myself // Dramatic

    These lashes and names were inspired by the stories of my clients during our lash catch up sessions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved making them!

    Tammy Ma |

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